Definition of the Monitor and its Types

If you have ever used a computer, then you must be familiar with this one device. Monitor is one of the devices on the computer. Monitor devices belong to the computer hardware in the output. The function of this device is as a viewer of various data that is processed in the computer.

Monitor has a very important role on a computer. Without the presence of a monitor, a computer device tends to be very difficult to use (unless it is connected to other video output devices such as projector, ohp, etc.).

Definition of Monitor
The term monitor is basically an absorption word taken from English that is from the word monitor which means to observe. Therefore, if interpreted from the origin he said, the monitor can be interpreted as a device used to observe something.

If interpreted in full, the definition of the monitor is the hardware used to display the output of graphical data derived from graphic data sources such as cpu, satellite, and various other graphical data sources.

In computer devices, monitors are often also referred to as computer screen terms. While on the network television device, the monitor is often referred to by the term television screen.

Multiple Types of Monitor
Multiple Monitor Stand Until now, there are at least 4 types of monitors used in computer devices or other electronic devices. The four types of monitors are:

CRT Monitor (Chatode Ray Tube)
CRT monitors are monitors made by utilizing the cathode ray technology placed inside the tube. CRT monitors are the oldest computer monitors that are still quite widely used. Because using cathode tubes, CRT monitors are often also called tube monitors.

LCD Monitor (Liquid Cristal Display)
LCD monitors are monitors made by utilizing light emitting technology in crystalline liquid media. Compared to CRT monitors, the size of the LCD monitor is much slimmer. Not only that, the level of resolution and image quality that can be displayed by this monitor is also much better than the CRT monitor.

LED Monitor (Light Emiting Diode)
LED monitors are monitors that are assembled by utilizing light-emitting diode technology capable of emitting light emissions. Although not much different, but LED monitors tend to be slightly thinner than the LED monitor.

Plasma Monitor
Plasma monitors are monitors that are assembled by utilizing neon or xenon gas technology that is placed between two glass plates. Compared to all previous monitors, plasma monitors are the best monitor in terms of image quality. However, the price of plasma monitors is also much more expensive than the price of previous monitors.

Such is the information about the definition of the monitor and some of its types that we can inform you. May be useful!